Additive Fatigue Study (Fraunhofer IAPT)

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Additive Fatigue Study (Fraunhofer IAPT)

Insights to be gained

  • Influence of the most relevant post-processing methods for surface smoothing on the mechanical properties, surface quality and geometric accuracy of Additively Manufactured test specimens.
  • Results of the two investigated materials Ti6Al4V (ELI) and Inconel 718 manufactured by LB-PBF with a focus on fatigue performance.
  • Knowledge about post-processing costs and process times for 8 different post-processing treatments.
  • Independent evaluation of the respective processes with at-a-glance depictions that are easy to read.

About the authors

With this work, the authors of this study, namely Maximilian Kluge and his colleagues, want to contribute to the industrialization of 3D printing.

Many years of AM experience and daily contact with the typical challenges of post-processing Additively Manufactured parts let them focus on the most critical questions. The aim of the additive surface studies is to generate knowledge that eliminates previous showstoppers while contributing to the further development of Additive Manufacturing – with regard to the entire process chain – as a cost-efficient, reliable production technology.

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