Directed Energy Deposition (AMEXCI)

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Directed Energy Deposition (AMEXCI)


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AMEXCI is a consortium of 11 Swedish industrial companies located in Karlskoga, Sweden. They are fully focused on Additive Manufacturing, covering several topics along the value chain, including research, education and AM production in metal and polymer. 

About this study

During summer 2020, AMEXCI has conducted this comprehensive pre-study focusing on the evermounting utilization of this additive manufacturing (AM) technology In various industries such as aerospace, energy, aircraft, marine, and automation.

This pre-study aimed to provide a general view on the DED technology providers according to their process, machine size, machine system, maturity, and headquarters. In general, there are three main application areas of DED: manufacture of near-net-shape parts, e.g., landing gear rib or ship propeller, enhancement of features, e.g., nozzle mock-up addition and repair, e.g., turbine blades.

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