Mechnical Properties of Technical Polymers: PEKK (AMEXCI)

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Mechnical Properties of Technical Polymers: PEKK (AMEXCI)


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AMEXCI is a consortium of 11 Swedish industrial companies located in Karlskoga, Sweden. They are fully focused on Additive Manufacturing, covering several topics along the value chain, including research, education and AM production in metal and polymer. 

About this Report

In 2019, AMEXCI conducted a pre-study about “Advanced Polymers” aiming at providing an overview of different polymers available for Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes with a focus on engineering and high-performance polymers. Following the know-how attained from this prestudy about the overall introduction to AM thermoplastic materials and applicable AM processes, the company (OEM)-material compatibilities, and the comparison of mechanical properties of different available materials, in between spring and autumn 2020 AMEXCI conducted a follow-up project regarding mechanical properties of technical polymers initiated primarily with highperformance polymer, Polyether ketone ketone (PEKK), i.e., Antero 800 NA from Stratasys.

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