Standards and Certifications (AMEXCI)

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Standards and Certifications (AMEXCI)


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AMEXCI is a consortium of 11 Swedish industrial companies located in Karlskoga, Sweden. They are fully focused on Additive Manufacturing, covering several topics along the value chain, including research, education and AM production in metal and polymer. 

About this study

During summer 2020, AMEXCI investigated available standards and certifications to gather a holistic overview of the standardization landscape. The national and international organizations for AM standardization as well as their working structure for developing new AM standards in cooperation with each other and other entities have been explained in detail. Additionally, industrial certification bodies around the world have been summarized for this pre-study to provide a general look at the whole AM standardization map.

AMEXCI identified a total of 86 currently available standards, which are expected to reach 126 in the coming years. As depicted in the picture, the European and American organizations have published 90% of the AM standards equally.

Out of all the available standards, AMEXCI chose 12 diverse standards published in the last 4 years and screened their contents to estimate their maturity. For the analyses of the selected standards, the covered five subtopics were as follows: design, qualification, machine management, component requirements in serial production and quality management system (QMS).

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